Education Faculty

History of Education Faculty

Based on the proposal of the ministry of higher education of number (575) dated 1392/13/12 and the decree of the directorate of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan of number (1200) dated 1393/2/20 the faculty officially started working with these departments (mathematics-physics and chemistry-biology.) This faculty has operated successfully for two years with these two departments. Based on the formal letter of the directorate of legislation and institutional development of number (114) dated 4/9/1394 and the decision of the academic board dated 4/9/1394 these two departments are divided into four different departments (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology). Fortunately, the faculty presented three sets of professional and specialized graduates to serve society. Also based on the approval of clause (17) of number (5) dated 1398/8/15, two non-graduate departments (Islamic study and English language and literature) were established within the framework of the education faculty. Based on the formal letter of the ministry of higher education of number (126) dated 1398/6/14 the night shift program was established for biology and mathematics departments and started working within the framework of the education faculty recently.


The purpose of establishing the education faculty as the best scientific institution is to promote and produce natural and social sciences, nationally enhance the professional knowledge of students, and establish departments of computer learning, environment protection, history, and educational management. Education faculty are committed to providing scientific opportunities in the fields of professional and modern sciences with Islamic, humanitarian, and national spirit.



 The faculty of education along with its four graduating scientific departments struggles to improve the learning level,   mentality, and behavior of students by utilizing the latest educational technology and scientific achievements. To provide the society with professional manpower equipped with Islamic and national spirit to get the purpose of the development of the educational system and other educational activities, which include teachers from different fields for various educational organizations such as schools, the institution of higher education, universities, and other private organization.


Values of Education faculty

  1. Belief in Islamic, national, and human values.
  2. Transparency and justice in handling /conducting affairs.
  3. Accountability.
  4. Participation and partnership in the performance of actions.
  5. Commitment and honesty.
  6. Academic freedom.
  7. Strict attention to the enhancement of teachers’ academic ability
  8. Protection of dignity of human power.
  9. Quality In educational and research activities.
  10.  Life with learning
  11.  Report actions and activities and Carry out actions on time.


Strategic Goals

  1. Enhance capacity building of academic staff members and administrative staff.
  2. Conducting scientific research and establishing a scientific-research magazine.
  3. Establishing computer learning, environment protection, and educational management departments as graduating departments.
  4. Establishment of two night-shift departments in chemistry, physics, and Islamic studies.   
  5. Passing the second phase of quality assurance and accreditation
  6. Equipment of all departments with well-equipped laboratories.
  7. Equipment of classrooms with projectors, surveillance cameras, and connecting faculty's offices to the internet.
  8. Building such a room for the faculty that can meet all teaching and administrative needs.
  9. Construction of an outdoor green area that has twenty long and shaded seats.
  10. Construction of a computer lab with 30 computers and a library with a suitable hall for reading books.
  11. Increasing academic and administrative staff in the current structure of faculty.
  12. Training of motivated, strong, and creative students with Islamic, humanitarian, and national spirit.
  13. Enhance the quality of professional skills and specialized knowledge of students.
  14. Establishing an educational center for learning English language and computer skills.
  15. Establishing the counseling center for the students.
  16. Pave the way for student to share experience and ideas with one another.